Compact Negative Bias Temperature Instability Model for Nanoscale FinFET Reliability Simulation

C. Zhang, W. Wang, Y. Liu, Y. Ye, W. Zhao, J. He, W. Wu
Peking University Shenzhen SOC Key Laboratory, CN

Keywords: negative bias temperature instability (NBTI), FinFET, nanoscale, R-T theory


A compact Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) model, which is based on a novel Reaction-Trapping (R-T) theory, is proposed to predict the static and dynamic NBTI degradation in nanoscale FinFET reliability simulation. This R-T theory is on the basis of the hypothesis that threshold voltage variation is induced by H atoms captured by either shallow or deep level traps in the gate oxide. The advantage of the novel NBTI model is demonstrated by comparing with the classical Reaction-Diffusion NBTI model. A good match between the proposed NBTI model and the experimental results is obtained in terms of the temperature dependence and the structure effect of nanoscale FinFETs.