Application possibility of Parabolic Through Solar Thermal Power Plant technology in North Cyprus

N. Cabacaba, M. Dağbaşı
Cabacaba Yenilenebilir Enerji Sistemleri, CY

Keywords: solar energy, solar thermal power plants, renewable energy sources, solar thermal power plant technologies, CSP, North Cyprus


The purpose of this work is to investigate whether the installation of a parabolic through solar thermal power plant technology for power generation is economically feasible in Turkish republic of North Cyprus (T.R.N.C). Since such plants are based on the concentration of the solar radiation to achieve high temperature necessary for the thermodynamic progress, the application area is limited with the high direct solar radiation. A feasibility study involving all factors (land use, land cover, water and wind assessment and solar potential) must be implemented before the location is determined for a Concentrated Parabolic through Solar Power Plant. For all above cases, the electricity unit cost and the payback time are calculated. The study shows that, it is feasible to install a parabolic through solar thermal power plants under certain conditions.