Characterization of Lignocellulose Nanomaterials to Discern Morphology Development During Mechanical Nanofibrillation

M.C. Branciforti, H-S. Yang, W.T.Y. Tze
University of Minnesota, US

Keywords: lignocellulose, nanofibrillation, morphologie, SSA, WRV


The objective of this study was to characterize wood-based nanofibers as a function of gap pressure to monitor development of nano-scale elements during disk milling. To examine impacts of lignin-to-cellulose ratio (and to polysaccharides in general), different amounts of cellulose were removed through enzymatic hydrolysis (saccharification). Bleached kraft pulp fibers (trace amount of lignin) were also examined as a reference. The nanofibrillated samples were characterized for specific surface area (SSA) using the Congo red dye adsorption technique, water retention value (WRV) in accordance to TAPPI Useful Method, and morphology through scanning electron microscopy (SEM).