Reinventing Plastic recycling

B. Wang
Stanford University, US

Keywords: mixed, low-grade, synthetic crude, high efficiency


They have revolutionized waste plastic recycling by developing the first and only environmentally clean process capable of recycling all grades of waste plastic (#1-7), even with high moisture and unclean plastic conditions. Their patented catalyst can process low grade, mixed streams of waste plastic with 100% efficiency into high-value resalable naptha, diesel and synthetic crude oil. PolymerGreen’s first pilot plant is operating in China and converting 20 tons of landfill plastic per day under clean and self-sustaining energy conditions. The production cost per barrel is only $39. Gross margins per barrel are in excess of 45%, and the initial construction costs for a facility are under $3M with a payback ROI of less than 3 years. They will both manufacture its own plants in China and accelerate deployment in the U.S. by providing modular solutions to waste management and metal recycling companies' existing production lines. They are currently raising $5M+ for their first commercial line and market launch in the U.S. This technology could convert cost centers into revenue streams capable of generating over $30 billion USD annually worldwide.