Low-Cost Sensing Platforms Based on Tunable 1D Photonic Crystals Integrated with Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Photodetectors

I. Pavlichenko, A.T. Exner, P. Lugli, G. Scarpa, B.V. Lotsch
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, DE

Keywords: sensors, one-dimensional photonic crystals, OLEDs


Herein, we present an innovative detection platform based on utilizing 1D PCs as responsive multilayers for intensity modulation of narrow-band light sources, namely, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), as shown in Figure 1. The tunable range for the stop band modulation lies in the visible region and can thus be detected in a straightforward and inexpensive fashion by a visible-light organic photodetector. We propose a route towards the bottom-up assembly of a fully functional, integrated miniature platform with the resolution exceeding the capabilities of most commercial spectrometers and show temperature, humidity, chemical and biological analyte detection.