Effect of Layer Multiplying Extrusion on the Morphology and Properties of PS/CNT Nanocomposites

R. Jian, C. Barry, J. Mead
University of Massachusetts Lowell, US

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, extrusion


Multilayer coextrusion has been used to produce extruded films having up to several thousand alternating layers with individual layer thicknesses ranging from several micrometers to only a few nanometers. In this work, the multilayer coextrusion process was used to orient carbon nanotubes in a polymer matrix. After 5 wt. % multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were melt mixed with polystyrene, polymer nanocomposites with three to over 4000 layers were extruded using a multilayer coextrusion process. The effects of the number of film layers on morphology evolution – i.e., MWCNT orientation and dispersion - were studied using transmission electron microscopy and polarized raman spectroscopy. Changes in the mechanical and electrical properties with increasing film layers were correlated with the morphological changes