Probing Critical Particle to Polymer Size Ratios for Non-Einstein Behavior in Polymer Nanocomposites

R.G. Schmidt, G.V. Gordon, S. Swier, T. Cosgrove
Dow Corning Corporation, US

Keywords: polymer, nanocomposites, silicones, viscosity, plasticization, reinforcement


Enhanced studies of polymer nanocomposites(PNCs)has led to multiple discoveries of PNC's that exhibit viscosity behavior counter to the classical behavior for filled systems originally defined by Einstein(1). Opposed to the viscosity increase typically observed for the inclusion of rigid, spherical particles into a suspending polymer medium, PNCs have been characterized that clearly show a decrease in the viscosity of the PNC relative to the suspending polymer by incorporating particles with nano-dimensions(2). PNC's prepared from trimethylsiloxy treated polysilicate nanoparticles of 0.75