Microstructure and magnetic properties of nanosized Fe-Al-Sn alloy powders synthesized by mechanical alloying process

Z. Hamlati, H. Mechri, M. Azzaz, D. Martínez-Blanco, J.A. Blanco, P. Gorria
University of Saad Dahleb, DZ

Keywords: nanostructures, X-ray diffraction, ball mill, microstructure, magnetic properties


FeAlSn alloys with average grain size of 10 nm were prepared by a mechanical alloying of the elemental Fe, Al and Sn powders using a high-energy ball mill. The prepared alloys were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and magnetic (VSM) measurements. The lattice parameter, saturation magnetization and coercivity were analyzed as a function of milling time. XRD and SEM studies revealed the alloying of elemental powders as well as transition to nanostructured alloy, crystallite size of 10 nm was obtained after 24 hours of milling. Saturation magnetization and coercive fields derived from the hysteresis curves are discussed as a function of milling time.