Nanotechnology Enabled Photovoltaics and Electronics for High-Power-Density Energy Systems

T.C. Smith, S.E. Lyshevski
Rochester Institute of Technology, US

Keywords: nanotechnology, photovoltaics, electronics, energy, systems


This paper examines nanotechnology-enabled high-power and high-energy density microelectronics, power electronics, energy sources, energy storage solutions. Proof-of-concept self-sustainable power systems are designed with applications in autonomous and portable aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, medical, security and other systems. Practical technological solutions are considered and substantiated. We perform research and technology developments in the design of efficient and practical energy harvesting, energy management, and energy storage devices. We demonstrate the following key components and modules: (1) Low-power microelectronics; (2) High-power-density power transistors and power electronics; (3) Enabling energy harvesting sources, such as solar cells and electromagnetic generators; (4) Advanced energy storage solutions; (5) Energy management systems.