Nanotechnology-Enabled Microthrusters:Nanoenergetic Materials and MEMS Paradigm

I. Puchades, M. Hobosyan, L.F. Fuller, F. Liu, S. Thakur, K.S. Martirosyan, S.E. Lyshevski
Rochester Institute of Technology, US

Keywords: nanotechnology, nanoenergetics, MEMS, microsystems, microthrusters


Microthrusters are used in flight and underwater platforms. The MEMS-technology microthrusters with nanostructured energetic composites increase thrust-to-weight ratio and ensure the overall requirements. The integrated MEMS micromachining ensures fabrication simplicity, affordability, robustness, integrability, compatibility and lead to other advantages as compared to conventional solutions. Solid-fuel microthrusters are suitable in a wide range of applications, such as payload delivery, stabilization, guidance, navigation, etc. This paper reports the application of micro- and nanotechnologies. The high-energy-density nanostructured materials are encapsulated in silicon-micromachined voids. To ensure the overall functionality, the system-level solution is achieved by integrating of synthesized nanoenergetic materials using MEMS.