Soft Nanoparticles for Dual Imaging Probes

S. Murayama, J. Jo, Y. Shibata, K. Liang, T. Santa, T. Saga, I. Aoki, M. Kato
National Institute of Radiological Sciences, JP

Keywords: dual probes, theranostics


We developed PEG-based soft nanoparticles that encapsulate dual imaging probes. Because the probes could be encapsulated by either chemical or physical means, a variety of probe molecules were encapsulated within the nanoparticles simultaneously. The nanoparticles were administrated to mice and the pharmacokinetics of the nanoparticles was analyzed by means of MRI, fluorescence spectroscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. The soft nanoparticles were excreted by the mice rapidly through the urine without collapse of the nanoparticles and without leaking of the probe molecules, and no accumulation of the nanoparticles in the body was observed. The pharmacokinetics of the nanoparticles was not changed by the encapsulated molecules and acute toxicity to mice was negligible. It was expect that these PEG-based soft nanoparticles will be applicable for use as a safe diagnostic agent.