High efficient lighting devices with carbon nanotubes

K.C. Park
Kyung Hee University, KR

Keywords: lighting, carbon nantube, efficiency


We developed fully vacuum sealed field emission lamp for general lighting bulbes application. The resist-assisted patterning (RAP) process were applied for the carbon nanotube emitter growth. The carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can sustain 1000 ℃ air ambient annealing for 10 hrs and emitted more than 100 mA emission within less than a 1 ㎠emitter area. Field emission lamp was vacuum sealed with self-gap formation technique. Gate and cathode electrode was formed same glass substrate and ring-type spacer between gate and anode. The lamp shows more than 30,000 cd/㎡ brightness with less than 3 W power consumption. The lamp is more competitive than LED lamps because less power consumption, low cost, higher color rendering index, etc. Especially, the lamp is more human friendly compare other lamps in the market. Key factors for the high performance field emission lamp is well vertically aligned carbon nanotube emitter grown with RAP process. Thin protection layer were formed on carbon nanotube emitters during growth process and it protect degradation of emitters, resulting long life CNT emitters. The performance of field emission lamp, detail of fabrication process and properties of CNT emitters will be presented.