Transforming the Way Power is Produced on the Battlefield and the Oil Field

D. Moorehead
Earl Energy, US

Keywords: energy storage, batteries, power conversion


Earl Energy is a veteran-owned and operated company with a mission to develop and deploy energy storage technology to reduce the massive fuel demands on the battlefield and for the oil & gas, marine, and mining & industrial industries. The problem with most generator set ups is that traditional diesel and natural gas generators must be oversized to supply adequate peak and transient power, and often additional generators are required to provide system redundancy for mission-critical operations even though their real load factors are commonly between 15%-50%. As a result, those generators waste significant energy causing exponentially higher fuel consumption, maintenance, and emissions. Our FlexGen® Power system uses proprietary technology to seamlessly plug into an existing generator, in effect “hybridizing” that generator, to provide high-quality reliable power. Systems used by the US Navy, Army and the Marine Corps have proven 50%-70% fuel savings and 80% generator runtime reduction in combat operations. Moreover, by cutting the time a generator runs from 24 hours a day to 4-5 hours a day, customers have dramatically reduced maintenance costs and emissions.