Nanocoating Testing for High Voltage Transmission Applications

D. McGuire, A. Phillips, C. Engelbrecht, A. Gould
Southern Company, US

Keywords: transmission, electric, utility, high voltage, coating


The availability of reliable and affordable electric power is one of the most important characteristics of a modern society. Each citizen of the modern world has the expectation of light at the touch of a switch, heat at the turn of a dial, and energy to supply today’s lifestyle. The high voltage electric power transmission system serves as the backbone of this supply of energy. This system is made up of thousands of miles of remote infrastructure that is designed to have a long lifetime of high availability in challenging environments. Nanocoatings have the potential to improve electric power reliability while decreasing capital costs for infrastructure construction. This paper will describe the potential applications for nanocoatings in the transmission industry as well as the testing plan used for initial qualification of coatings prior to use on the transmission system. The testing includes tests for dielectric strength, aging mechanisms, corona breakdown, and others.