Advanced Materials for Energy Efficient Buildings Construction. From research to market.

J. Cubillo
Acciona, US

Keywords: building, materials, efficiency


ACCIONA Infrastructure is an internationally recognized benchmark in construction, engineering, infrastructure management, R&D and Innovation. It has inherited from its founder companies a legacy of more than a hundred years of experience in construction activities, as well as a philosophy based on sustainability, quality, innovation and experience. ACCIONA is committed to technological excellence by developing and implementing the most innovative building construction systems and materials in the execution of its projects. Latests ongoing R&D projects focused on green building material will be presented for discussion: • StorePET project pursues the development of an innovative product for the construction market, which combines three main features: thermal insulation to block heat transfer improving the energy efficiency; acoustic insulation to increase comfort levels in buildings; and thermal storage to keep constant indoor temperature. • The ECO-SEE project aims to develop new eco-materials and components for the purpose of creating both healthier and more energy efficient buildings. Symbiotically use natural eco-materials for healthier indoor environments through hygrothermal (heat and moisture) regulation and the removal airborne contaminants through both chemical capture and photocatalysis. Novel chemical treatments and processes will be used to enhance volatile organic compound capture capacity of materials. Highly novel photocatalytic coatings using nanoparticle technology, which will be suitable for use in interior spaces and compatible with lime and wooden surfaces. We will deliver products with at least 15% lower embodied energy, at least 20% longer life, and, for at least 20% lower build costs.