Implications of Photonic Curing on PV-Related Materials

S. Farnsworth
Novacentrix, US

Keywords: solar power, photovoltaics


Photonic curing, using flashlamps to heat surface materials without collaterally heating underlying materials through the application of controlled short pulses, is having a profound impact on materials related to photovoltaics. The author will present the key underlying concepts governing successful application of photonic curing to each of these material types: conductors, including silver and copper-based inks; transparent conductors including silver mesh and ITO technologies; and groundbreaking work related to CIGS and other photovoltaic absorbers. The presentation will include theory of photonic curing, embodiment of photonic curing in processing equipment, and examples of each of the impact of photonic curing on each of the major materials groups cited above. Data will be provided from experimental measurement as well as advanced numerical simulation.