Biobased Synthetic Motor Oils – Merging Performance with Sustainability

J. Bredsguard
Biosynthetic Technologies, US

Keywords: Bio Sources, biomaterials


The use of certain biobased synthetics to develop the next generation of lubricants has continued to grow in popularity. Many lubricant companies are now developing a wide variety of products using biobased synthetics to enhance performance and reduce environmental impact. These technologies are often referred to as “biosynthetics.” One of the best products for this is the estolide technology. Estolides are synthesized from vegetable oils and are biodegradable and nontoxic, yet have excellent performance characteristics. One of the valuable characteristics of estolides is that when used in motor oil they greatly impact the overall cleanliness of engine parts by minimizing varnish. The use of estolides will allow lubricant formulators to generate quality products that meet or exceed required performance standards while using more environmentally acceptable ingredients in formulations.