Hydrodynamic, Optic and Electrokinetic colloidal manipulation From fundamental research to business opportunities

D. Peyrade

Keywords: fluidics,


Optofluidic, electromicrofluidic and hydrodynamic strategies to control colloidal manipulation inside a chip will be presented. Then, my intervention will detailled the dielectric particles response to an external field. I will demonstrate that by associating the engineering of colloidal particles to biological cells, new microfluidic devices for cells exploration can be proposed. Finally, i will focused on the "Thermodynamic Assembly technology" developped in my lab to create assembly on-chip at the nanoscale. The fundamental physical mechanisms (hydrodynamic, capillarity..) that govern the self-assembly process will be described. The power of this technology will be demonstrated with several key examples either in nanophotonic, plasmonic or in biology. The pass we pursue to transform a laboratory experiment as an industrial solution will be outlined.