Graphene Ready For Prime Time

J. Lettow
Vorbeck Materials, US

Keywords: graphene, sustainable nanomanufacturing


The promise of graphene is substantial – it is a material that possesses unique mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties and it was the subject of the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. Graphene has attracted worldwide research interest with Europe, Korea, China, Japan and the US all dedicating substantial resources toward the investigation and development of this material. While products ranging from flexible displays to ultra-fast computer chips have been envisioned, many people do not realize that graphene-enabled products have already reached the market. In fact, graphene circuits are used in items currently sold in major retail chains. Graphene-based components are coming out in consumer goods and packaging, wearable electronics, and in industrial applications this year - making graphene an interesting case study in the rapid scale-up of nanomaterials manufacturing and commercialization in unanticipated areas.