The Materials Genome Initiative, Data, and Open Science

J.A. Warren
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US

Keywords: modeling, simulation, informatics


In this talk I will present an overview of the Materials Genome Initiative, covering the current and planned efforts across the Federal government. After an overview where I will provide insight into community-led activities, I will discuss our attempts at NIST to address some of challenges to creating the materials innovation infrastructure that lies at the heart of the Materials Genome Initiative. In particular NIST is now devoting considerable effort, in concert with its partners in industry, academia and government, to develop the tools, standards and techniques for (i) establishing model and data exchange infrastructure (ii) establishing best practices and new methods for ensuring data and model quality and (iii) developing the Big Data analytics to enable "data driven" materials science.To properly address these problems involves a deeper examination of the nature of materials data than is typical. In particular, the essential linkage between models and measurements implies that many of the conceptual challenges with materials data can be most efficiently resolved using methods that address the role of materials models as the core concept of the scientific method. This insight, and associated examinations of the manner in which we collect and disseminate data are the keys to overcoming the impediments to a materials innovation infrastructure.