Nanofabrication Strategy towards Realization of Scalable Quantum Computing within and beyond Single Crystal Diamond

I. Bayn
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

Keywords: Nanofabricatino, manufacturing


Diamond negatively charged nitrogen vacancy color center (NV) is considered to be one of the most promising candidates as a quantum bit (qubit). This is the only system known so far where single spin states can by initialized, manipulated and read-out optically all at room temperature. Most importantly, the quantum information could be stored for milliseconds. However, to implement large scale quantum computing, many-qubit coherent interaction is needed. This interaction can be realized by photons while the NVs are registered into a scalable photonic network. This could be done either all in diamond or in a hybrid approach where the network is made in a host material while transferrable NV-based diamond memories are coupled to it. In this talk we will discuss the recent progress made by our group in an all in diamond approach, including nanofabrication strategy for waveguides, high-Q nanocavities, couplers and NV formation. A special derivative of this processing for formation of transferable quantum memory will be introduced. Visible photonic network fabrication on the host materials such as gallium phosphide, aluminum-nitride, polymers and their integration with diamond memory will be shown.