Mesoporous silica - A novel silicate source for tuning the color of SrCaSiO4:Eu2+ phosphor

S. Gandhi, D-S Shin, K. Jang
Changwon National University, KR

Keywords: mesoporous, phosphor, white LED


Phosphor converted warm white LEDs draw a lot of attention due to its notable advantages including power consumption, compactness & environmentally benign nature and thus of more commercial value. The great challenge associated with the improvisation in performance of warm white LEDs can be achieved by fine tuning of the emission wavelength. Our work concentrates on this aspect using an efficient phosphor namely SrCaSiO4:Eu2+ and by scanning from the region of green to yellow. To achieve this fine tuning a magical material called mesoporoussilica (MS) is used. Hence a novel attempt has been made in the synthesis of SrCaSiO4:Eu2+ using MS as a silica source. The results confirmed the interesting features such as, the shifting of emission wavelength from 510nm (conventional SrCaSiO4:Eu2+) to 585nm (MS assisted SrCaSiO4:Eu2+) under the wide range of excitation from violet to deep-blue. Although, the XRD patterns revealed the similar crystalinity for both the samples, there was a significant difference in the morphology and luminescence behavior. In addition, the CIE color coordinates obtained for the MS assisted SrCaSiO4:Eu2+ shows the values as 0.42(x) &0.54(y) (yellow emission) and therefore, this material can play a pivotal role in the demerits rectification of the commercial yellow phosphor, YAG:Ce.