IMET Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology

M.A. Gencer, P.M. Zakriski, K.E. Gencer
IMET Corporation, US

Keywords: wastewater recovery, wastewater reuse, water sustainability


IMET's modular wastewater treatment technology enables recovery and reuse of treated wastewater by achieving high levels of reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Nitrogen (TN) and Phosphorus (P)in relatively low hydraulic retention times. The bio-sludge production from IMET technology is typically 50% or less when compared to traditional activated sludge systems. Due to its unique design, the IMET process also requires significantly less air to achieve treatment of wastewater when compared to current technologies/systems employed in municipal, residential, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment applications. These unique attributes of the IMET system result in 50% or more energy savings for the treatment of wastewaters to achieve levels that enable water reuse in a variety of applications such as irrigation, washing, process, etc., without causing any health concerns. IMET will present updates from various commercial and pilot-scale field applications around the world. The presentation will highlight the results achieved for the reduction of COD, TN, P, and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in various wastewater types. In summary, this presentation will show that IMET technology, today, represents an economically viable alternative for wastewater recovery and reuse. The recovery and reuse of wastewater is vitally important in achieving sustainability of water.