Large Stranded Renewables: The International Renewable Hydrogen Transmission Demonstration Facility (IRHTDF)

W. Leighty
The Leighty Foundation, US

Keywords: hydrogen, systems, transmission, firming, storage, pilot plant,


The renewables energy industry needs to begin now to conceive, design, bid, build, and operate a pilot-scale gaseouis hydrogen (GH2) transmission pipeline system to bring large-scale, remote, diverse, dispersed, stranded, renewable energy resources to distant markets, in "renewables-hydrogen service". Electric utilities are now assaulted by both the large, centralized, wind and solar plants and distributed generation from rooftop PV. The electric utility business model may no longer be technically and economically optimum. We need to seriously consider alternatives to electricity systems to solve the Big Three problems of replacing all fossil energy with diverse renewables as quickly as we can: 1. Gathering and transmission 2. Annual-scale firming storage 3. Integration with other energy sources and systems Both gaseous hydrogen (GH2) and liquid anhydrous ammonia (NH3) are attractive alternatives which deserve serious consideration.