Enhancement of the nanoparticle size and distribution of TiO2 in a matrix of polyethylene via functionalization and the influence in photocatalytic activity

Joel Gutierrez, F. Jahell Alvarado Babun, Guillermo Acosta-Gonzalez, Servando Aguirre-Tostado, Fatima Perez Rodriguez
Nanomateriales, MX

Keywords: Photocatalytic, polyethylene, photodegradation, nano titanium dioxide


In this work we study a new type of photodegradable low density polyethylene doped with TiO2 P25, known for their photocatalytic property, there were 3 levels of functionalization of the particles using as coupling agent Hexadecyl trimethoxysilane looking to improve the dispersion of nanoparticles in the polymer matrix, reducing agglomerates, decreasing the size of the nano particle, making the particle more compatible with the polymer matrix. The composite was subjected to degradation on a accelerated weathering chamber. For characterization, we used Gravimetry, Yellowness Index, FT-IR, SEM, optical microscopy, DSC. Confirming results were satisfactory in the first instance the functionalization of the nanoparticles, followed by good dispersion of these in the matrix of low density polyethylene. Functionalization further helps improve good dispersion of the nanoparticles and decreases the photocatalytic property, the crystallization level is also improved with this good dispersion and refinement of the nanoparticle size in the polymeric matrix.