Chip-based Immunoassay for Multiplexed Analysis of Biomarkers in Serum Sample Using SERS Nanoprobes

H. Chang, H. Kang, E.B. Ko, H.-Y. Lee, Y.-S. Lee and D.H. Jeong
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, KR

Keywords: immunoassay, SERS, biomarker


Glass chip-based immunoassay platform using SERS nanoprobes for multiplexed diagnostics is reported as biomedical assay tools in this study. Also a confocal Raman scan system was developed for quantitative and fast read-out of spectroscopic signal from chip surfaces. With this system and reproducible SERS probes, the reliable and easy measurements on glass surface of relatively large area (100 μm × 100 μm) could be obtained during 10 s without additional enhancement. PSA antigen of 0.001-1000 ng/ml was analyzed quantitatively through targeting of antibody-conjugated SERS dot with antigen captured on chip and sub-pg level of antigen could be detected. This result shows the possibility of a novel, highly sensitive and inexpensive diagnosis platform based on SERS techniques which is benefiting from its high sensitivity and large multiplexing capacity.