ALD Tools for Thin-film Coated Particle Development and Production

K. Buechler, J.A. Spencer II
ALD NanoSolutions, Inc., US

Keywords: atomic layer deposition, particles, powders, batteries, thin film coatings, catalysts, dispersion


Applications of atomic layer deposition (ALD) coatings onto particles are gaining interest commercially after tremendous advances in the academic community. Thin Film ALD applications on particles range from catalysis, to battery materials, to pharmaceuticals, however much of the industrial community is still unaware of the technology. Micron and even nano-sized particles have been individually and conformally coated with ALD in multiple types of reactors, including batch and continuous. Each of these systems has its own advantages depending on the ALD process, substrate powder type, and scale up considerations. Plasma particle ALD systems are also being developed to expand the types of ALD chemistries that can be performed. As this technology transfers to commercial applications, current reactor designs are being scaled up to larger volumes, and manufacturing methods are being optimized. Equipment options, abilities, scale, and economics will be discussed.