Resonance Induced by a Time Varying Electric Field

J. Nimmo, I. Filikhin, B. Vlahovic
North Carolina Central University, US

Keywords: resonance, laser, electric field, quantum dots


In the present we study the resonance of electrons in single and double quantum dots (QD) systems to develop a novel method for lasing. We demonstrated that in this DLQD the electron transition between the dots occurs due to the electron level anti-crossing induced by the electric field. As part of this work we examine such transitions in double QD systems in the presents of lateral time varying electric field. The resonance frequency of an electron in a time varying electric field for single and double cylindrical QD will be presented. The width at half maximum and Q factor will also be presented. By looking at the Q factor, we will show if such an arrangement could be used for a novel approach for lasing.