Effect of Magnetic Nanosphere Exposure on Neurite Extension and Branching

S. Sebastian, R.A. Veettil, T. Mcallister, S. Ghosh, D. Hynds

Keywords: nanocarriers, magnetic nanospheres, neurons, drug delivery, neurite extension, branching


Development of novel nanocarriers to encourage axon regeneration and guidance is promising for functional recovery from CNS injury and damage. Biocompatible nanocarriers that are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier can be used to target therapeutics to particular subsets of neurons. Ferromagnetic naoparticles encapsulated in tunable PEG biopolymer are novel nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery to neurons. In the present study, we analyze both time-dependent and dose-dependent effects of magnetic nanospheres on neurite outgrowth, specifically, neurite branching from PC12 pheochromocytoma and B35 neuroblastoma cells. Up to 3µl of magnetic nanosphere treatment for 24 h did not affect neurite extension and branching in PC12 and B35 cells. Also, we will test the effect of magnetic nanospheres on neurite outgrowth from rat cortical and chick DRG (dorsal root ganglion) primary neurons. In future, drug loaded nanocarriers will be used to asses uptake, drug transport and axonal guidance in rat corticospinal tract neurons.