Improved Catalysts Prepared using Atomic Layer Deposition Techniques

K. Buechler, A. Weimer
ALD NanoSolutions, Inc., US

Keywords: ALD, catalysts, selectivity, activity, lifetime, stabilization


ALD can be used to improve catalyst selectivity, activity, lifetime, and stabilization. ALD-prepared Pd and Pt catalysts result in nanoparticles dispersed over a support with greater activity and lifetime. They withstand regeneration cycling better than traditional commercially available catalysts. ALD techniques can also be used to deposit aluminum alkoxide films, that can then be calcined to form porous alumina nets that stabilize the catalyst particles on the surface, preventing migration and sintering. ALD films should also be able to modify the shape selectivity of catalysts by inhibiting non-selective reactive surfaces, and by sterically constraining precursors as they diffuse to the reaction sites.