Thermal Behavior of Novel Transparent Gate Recessed Channel (TGRC) MOSFET: TCAD Analysis

A. Kumara, R. Chaujarb, M. Monikac
Delhi Technological University, IN



In this paper, we confer the thermal analysis of a novel design Transparent Gate Recessed Channel MOSFET (TGRC-MOSFET) (Fig.1.) at 300K. TGRC- MOSFET involves a recessed channel and incorporates Indium Tin Oxide as a transparent gate. Simulation results show that performance of TGRC-MOSFET surpasses Conventional Recessed Channel (CRC)-MOSFET in terms of heat capacity, heat conductivity, lattice temperature and total heat power in comparison to CRC-MOSFET. All the simulations have been done using DEVEDIT-3D AND ATLAS device simulator. Indium tin oxide (ITO or tin-doped indium oxide) is a solid solution of indium oxide (In2O3) and tin oxide (SnO2) [4]. It is transparent and colourless in thin layers. Because of its two key properties, i.e. electrical conductivity and optical transparency, indium tin oxide is used as one of the most widely used transparent conducting oxides. Also, the In2O3 phase itself contributes free electron for electrical conductivity. Furthermore, with the reduction in transistor size, intrinsic self-heating effects have become unfavorable in low power applications. As the issue of heat becomes increasingly important in sub-micron MOSFETs, it becomes increasingly more important to accurately measure and model its thermal parameters to fully characterize its thermal performance [2].