Digital Assisted Pill Dispensing with Gated Control to Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions

N.G. Portney, J.D. Yang
Zuup Design LLC, US

Keywords: digital health, mhealth, medication adherence


The annual economic impact in the United States as a result of patients not taking medications as prescribed is $290 billion due to poorer health, additional hospitalizations, 250,000 deaths, and increased medical expenses. According to the WHO, 50% of patients suffering from chronic diseases fail to follow treatment recommendations and 30-50% of patients in US do not take their medication as instructed, having poor medication adherence. Adverse drug reaction (ADR) patient risk factors increase likelihood of hospital readmissions, and include poor recall of medication regimen, polypharmacy, drug costs, switching to non-conventional forms of treatment, and seeing numerous physicians. To improve therapeutic efficacy and address ADRs, our novel carousel based dispensing platform is combined with Bluetooth 4 (BT LE) technology, and devised electromagnetic components to limit the dispensing of pills based on a digital authentication algorithm for the patient, medication, and cartridge used in the system. Such authentication allows a patient to solely rely on their portable dispenser and personal mobile device to self-administer their pill plan with safety from overuse and security by user authentication.