Nuclear Resonance Analysis Coupled with Ion Channeling to Enhance Detection of Light Elements in Heavier Substrates

M. Neric, M.W. Mangus Jr., A.M. Slyder, A.J. Woolson, S.A. Singh, R.J. Culbertson, B.J. Wilkens, K.T. Nguyen, N. Herbots, A.J. Acharya, C.F. Watson
Arizona State University, US

Keywords: nano-bonding, nuclear resonance, ion channeling, RBS


The combined use of nuclear resonance analysis and ion channeling in Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy enhances the detection of light elements in heavy substrates. This result is significant in that it allows for more accurate descriptions of the composition of materials, and as a result provides end users with a better idea of the potential effects of using a material in a project. For example, this knowledge could be used reduce the risk of implant rejection in medical applications.