Production of Nanometer-Sized and Water-Dispersible Melanin for Biological and Medical Applications

Y.-C. Liu, S.-M. Chen, J.-H. Liu, H.-W. Hsu, H.-Y. Lin, S.-Y. Chen
National Taiwan University, TW

Keywords: melanin, nanoparticle, photofragmentation, ultrashort-pulsed laser


This manuscript reports for the first time methods that can process both natural melanin and synthetic melanin to form nanometer-sized dispersion in bio-compatible medium, which have great utility in both studying biological functions of melanin and developing medical applications. No method for disintegration of melanin to produce water-dispersible melanin nanoparticles has ever been reported and characterized. In addition, it is shown that the nanonization process can serve as a top-down approach to investigate the secondary structure of melanin and the results support the predictions of simulation published recently.