Revolution Fibres – Turning Nanofibre into Products

I. Hosie, K.K.G. De Silva
University of Auckland - Product Accelerator, NZ

Keywords: nano-fibres, electrospinning, filteration media, electronics, bio-tech, structural reinforcement


Revolution Fibres is a nanofibre manufacturer based in Auckland New Zealand. Strong advocates of the potential of nanofibre in many sectors; its mission is to enable companies to produce superior products using designed functional nanofibres. Nanofibre alone is not a product. It is a platform technology that requires adaptation and customization to fit a wide variety of uses. Using its proprietary Sonic Electrospinning Technology, Revolution Fibres has commercialized products in the areas of filtration, skin health, composites, acoustics in building materials and electronics, biotech and energy. The requirements of these sectors are vastly different, and this presents a challenge for nanofibre manufacturers. In response, Revolution Fibres has developed a Services program designed to help nanofibre get out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. With support from the NZ Science and Innovation infrastructure, particularly Product Accelerator at the University of Auckland NZ, Revolution Fibres can accommodate nanofibre product development from idea generation through to large-scale manufacture. The following pictures show examples of nanofibre products sold in NZ and abroad. Revolution Fibres invites clients, researchers and end-users alike, to create the necessary link between research and manufacturing in a technology with much potential.