Noise Modeling in BSIM6 Compact Model

H. Agarwal, S. Khandelwal, Y.S. Chauhan, C. Hu
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, IN

Keywords: BSIM6, Noise, RF Modeling


Continuous scaling of CMOS technology has significantly improved the RF characteristics of the bulk MOSFET. At such high frequencies, noise performance of the device is crucial as it is the bottleneck for low noise applications. Therefore it is very important for a model to accurately reproduce noise and other high frequency characteristics of the device. BSIM6 is the latest compact model of bulk MOSFET from BSIM group. The model passes AC and DC symmetry test, shows smooth transition from weak inversion to strong inversion, produces correct slopes of harmonics and is suitable for analog and RF applications. It inherits popular real device models from BSIM4, keeping same parameter names to allow smooth transition from BSIM4 to BSIM6. In this work, we will discuss the thermal and flicker noise models of BSIM6. The model shows qualitatively correct behavior for different biases and geometrical configurations.