Regulatory Approaches to Industrial Nanomaterials in Canada

M. Hamilton, B. Fisher, N. Davidson, L. Tétreault and J. Worgan
Environment Canada, CA

Keywords: nanomaterial, regulatory program, risk assessment, Canada


This presentation will provide an overview of Canada’s regulatory program for industrial nanomaterials under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. It will explain that new industrial nanomaterials being manufactured or imported into Canada are subject to the New Substances Notification Regulations (Chemicals and Polymers). Environment Canada and Health Canada are jointly responsible for administering these regulations. Together, they conduct environmental and human health risk assessments of new nanomaterials prior to their entry into the Canadian market. To help address challenges in the risk assessment of nanomaterials and deliver on its mandate, Canada works both domestically and internationally. Canada fosters academic research to strengthen the risk assessment of nanomaterials. As part of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials, Canada contributes to various projects aimed at addressing knowledge gaps in environment, health and safety, as well as regulatory issues. Since 2012, Canada has also been collaborating with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to better align the regulatory environment for nanomaterials in the two countries. As part of the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Council, Canada and the US have been sharing of information and developing of joint approaches on regulatory aspects of nanomaterials.