A Sustainable, Mechanochemical Synthesis of Nanoparticles Supported on Lignin

M.J. Rak, T. Friščić, A. Moores
McGill University, CA

Keywords: sustainable, nanoparticle, mechanochemistry, lignin


Mechanochemistry is particularly well suited to scale up syntheses due to its low cost and simplicity. Therefore any nanoparticle (NP) syntheses utilizing this method have a high level of industrial relevance. Mechanochemical reactions are defined by the reactions induced through mechanical energy. Commonly these reactions occur between solids with no, or minimal, addition of solvents. Herein, we present work done towards developing an environmentally-friendly, mechanochemical synthetic method of creating a broad range of metal NPs with a high level of precision. To allow for greater ease of separation, we sought to support our NPs on a heterogeneous support. In this respect, lignin is an ideal candidate. Lignin is the second most abundant natural polymer with around 70 million tons produced per year with 98% of that being considered a waste product. Highlighted will be the broad success we have had over a range of metal precursors as well as suitability of mechanochemical grinding to NP synthesis in a bottom up technique.