Non-metallic gold doped ceria nanorods materials with enhanced oxidation activity

L. Torrente – Murciano, L. Qian, A. Gilbank and A. Kirkland
University of Bath, UK

Keywords: ceria, gold, dopping, oxydation


In this work, we further explore the chemical modification of nanostructured 1D ceria (nanorods) by doping its crystal structure with non-metallic gold. Gold-doped ceria nanorods show a significant enhancement of their oxidation catalytic activity compared to pure ceria nanorods. No metal clusters or agglomerations were observed in any of the gold-doped materials. The catalytic oxidation activity increases as the gold-doping loading increases. This increase in activity is directly related to the expansion of the crystal structure produced by the presence of gold ions which promotes a higher oxygen vacancies concentration and a small increase of the surface to bulk oxygen.