Development of a hydroprocessing catalyst containing Boron and Nano-boron compounds

E. Yonel-Gumruk, A. Meric Kartal Berker, O. Özcan, A. Nilgün Akin
Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation, TR

Keywords: boron, catalyst, nanotechnology


Hydroprocessing is a refinery process of catalytic cracking and hydrogenation of petroleum in order to convert low value heavy hydrocarbons into high value light hydrocarbons and to remove sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen and metals to the specified limits at high temperature and pressure. Recently, catalyst with boron complexes has been an interesting topic to the catalyst community. In literature, the studies are composed of micron-sized boron particles and the addition of boron to the catalyst has been giving benefits to the hydroprocessing reactions. In this study, aside from the studies in the literature, nano-sized boron complexes were added to the catalyst and synthesized catalyst was studied using material characterization methods.The characterization methods consist of XRD, BET, SEM and TEM. Synthesized nano alumina support material using sol-gel method had a greater surface area favorable for hydroprocessing reactions.