Advanced Materials Based on Carbon Nanotube Textiles

P. Bradford
North Carolina State University, US

Keywords: CNT, textiles, nanofiber


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are nanofiber structures that have a wide array of interesting applications based on their mechanical, electrical and thermal properties as well as their large specific surface area. In their raw form, CNTs exist as a black powder which is difficult to process because of the large number of interactions between tubes and their relatively low aspect ratio. As a result, very few methods can be used to produce robust fabrics solely from CNTs. This presentation covers the work of my research group in our effort to synthesize a special type of CNT structure called drawable CNT arrays, the production of CNT nonwoven fabrics from these CNT arrays and exploration of novel applications for their use including: multi-functional composites, sensors, electrodes, air filtration and energy absorbing structures. Morphology and properties will be discussed along with anticipated future advances in the field.