Graphene and Additive Manufacturing: Toward the Next Industrial Revolution

E. Polyakova
Graphene Laboratories, Inc., US

Keywords: graphene, 3D printing


Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is expected to change the way many items are made, from consumer goods to prototypes and industrial parts. Commercial roadblocks included the limited variety of materials suitable for printing and the general inability to efficiently print items with several different materials. The ability to print items which feature conductive components and improved strength in one printing process would be a leap forward in the widespread adoption of 3D printing technology. Graphene, known for its strength and conductivity, has been proposed to be used in conjunction with standard 3D printing materials, widening the route to commercialization; this is because graphene may be used to create nanocomposites materials capable of use in standard 3D printers. This presentation will overview how graphene and other advanced materials can contribute to the future applications of 3D printing.