Addressing U.S. Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Energy Technology Challenges

R.W. Ivester
DOE EERE Advanced Manufacturing Office, US

Keywords: advanced manufacturing, energy productivity, industrial efficiency, foundational technologies, infrastructural technologies, industrial commons


Manufacturing is now a national economic policy priority, and energy plays a key role in the competitiveness of our manufacturing sector. Reducing energy intensity within the Industrial sector is a necessary but insufficient charter for federal investments in manufacturing. Design and manufacturing choices within the industrial sector affect the energy performance of products in other sectors in the economy because products from advanced manufacturing have lifecycle impacts. AMO invests in activities that support all industrial sectors, and AMO clean energy investments are required to support multiple clean energy sectors. For example, AMO’s carbon fiber investments support the vehicle, wind and water sectors. AMO’s purpose is to increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through industrial efficiency for energy intensive industries, broadly applicable industrial efficiency technologies and practices, and manufacturing innovations for advanced energy technologies required to support multiple clean energy sectors.