Experimental methods and analytical techniques to assess nanomaterial release from consumer products into sewer systems

P. Westerhoff, Y. Yang, R. Reed, K. Doudrick, P. Herckes, K. Hristovski
Arizona State University, US

Keywords: nanoparticle release


Municipal sewage and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) have been identified as primary vectors for conveying nanomaterials from industrial processing and consumer use of nano-enabled products. This presentation will describe experimental methods used to estimate and simulate the release of engineered nanmaterials from a range of consumer products (foods, cosmetics, fabrics) and industrial processing (semiconductor industry) into water that simulates sewer flows. Additional experimental methods, and validation strategy, for simulating removal of engineered nanomaterials during wastewater treatment will be presented. To compliment the experimental methods, discussion for the use of appropriate analytical techniques for working in complex matrices and often at low nanomaterial concentrations in water will be discussed. Overall, the presentation aims to contribute towards building a consensus for standardized testing of release rates and fate of engineered nanomaterials from consumer products into sewer and municipal WWTPs.