3M Materials and Technologies for Green Buildings

T. Hebrink
3M Corporate Research Process Lab, US

Keywords: green buildings, building materials, PVT, BIST


With 46 core technology platforms, 3M Company has an incredible breadth of technologies to create uncommon solutions for the Green Building industry. 3M has been in the window film business for over 30 years and has developed extensive building energy management product portfolios. Most recently, air barrier tapes and coatings have been launched which significantly improve building energy efficiency. New uses of 3M wavelength selective mirror film in BIPV designs simultaneously provide both energy generation and energy conservation. Visible light transmitting infrared mirror films were originally developed for solar thermal management on architectural glazing to reject infrared light (heat) to lower air conditioning costs. Now, instead of just rejecting infrared light, we are re-directing it to photovoltaic cells where it can increase their power output by 40%. These BIPV designs provides smarter solar energy management. In addition to increasing photovoltaic cells power output, these infrared mirror films are capable of reducing air conditioning costs by >10%, and the visible light transmission can reduce lighting costs by 23%. Adjustable solar louver BIPV window blind designs will also be shared which incorporate visible light transmitting infrared mirror film. Analysis of infrared mirror films useful in hybrid PVT(photovoltaic solar thermal) and BIST(Building Integrated Solar Thermal) designs will also be described. Compound parabolic curve concentrators can be used to concentrate longer wavelength infrared solar energy onto a solar thermal absorber while simultaneously allowing visible and near infrared light to transmit onto photovoltaic modules. Alternatively, the infrared energy can be concentrated onto a solar thermal absorber while simultaneously allowing visible light to daylight interior building space.