Effects of silver layer on the optical and electrical properties of ZnMgBeGaO/Ag/ZnMgBeGaO transparent conductive film

H.B. Cuong, C-S Lee, B-T Lee
Chonnam National University, KR

Keywords: ZnO, transparent conductive oxide, Ag midlayer


While transparent conductive oxide (TCO) materials with wide energy band gap (Eg) have recently attracted attention, previous investigations indicate that the resistivity of the films increases with increasing Eg. The TCO/metal/TCO structure has been proposed to be one of the effective solutions to solve this problem. In this work, effects of Ag mid-layer on the optical and electrical properties of the ZnMgBeGaO films (Eg~3.75eV, resistivity~2x10-3Ωcm) have been investigated, as an effort to improve the electrical conductivity. It was observed that the film resistivity substantially decreases with increasing Ag thickness but the transmittance of the films also decreased, when the continuous Ag layers were inserted between two TCO layers. Results also indicated that the utilization of patterned Ag would be a viable solution to obtain high transmission as well as high conductivity. Further details on the effects of Ag layer patterned to various thickness and shapes will be discussed during the presentation.