Effects of process variables on the properties of UV-range ZnMgBeGaO transparent conducting films

H.B. Cuong, C-S Lee, B-T Lee
Chonnam National University, KR

Keywords: ZnO, transparent conductive oxide, room temperature


In this work, effects of Ga concentration and process variables on the optical, electrical and structural properties of the sputter grown Zn0.92-xMg0.05Be0.03GaxOfilms are investigated in detail. Results indicated that the resistivity significantly decreased by doping the film with Ga. It was observed that the films grown at room temperature showed a resistivity as low as 1.6x10-3 Ωcm and the energy band-gap of 3.75eV, indicating that the films can be a promising material for the TCO application on the flexible substrates. It was also observed that the resistivity increased with increasing growth temperature and with addition of oxygen gas to the Ar plasma. Further details on the effects of process variables and the underlying mechanisms will be discussed during the presentation.