Terahertz Compact SPICE model for Simulation of Plasmonic Field Effect Transistors

M. Shur, T. Ytterdal, A. Gutin
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

Keywords: terahertz plasmonic FET SPICE CAD model


Terahertz radiation impinging on a field effect transistor (FET) induces oscillations of the electronic density in the device channel propagating from the source or/and drain side into the channel. From the circuit point of view, the device channel represents a non-linear RC transmission line (or in the non-linear RLC transmission line if the frequency is high enough for the electron inertia effects to play a role.) Conventional compact FET models do not adequately account for these distributive effects and cannot simulate THz electronic devices, such as THz detectors, phase shifters, and polarizers. We now report on the new compact FET model that extends the simulation frequency range into the THz domain. This unified charge control model accounts for parasitic resistances and for a parasitic gate inductance. It also simulates flicker and thermal noise, which allows estimating the FET detectivity and responsivity. The THz SPICE simulations are in good agreement with analytical calculations and numerical simulations for a wide range of the intensities of the THz radiation and have been validated using the experimental data for Si CMOS, and III-V and III-N HEMT THz and sub-THz detectors