Developments Towards the Application of Raman Analysis in Carbon Nanotube Process Control

R.M. Stephenson, P.A. Anzalone, M.A. Banash
Nanocomp Technologies, Inc., US

Keywords: carbon nanotube, Raman spectroscopy, metrology


Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. offers carbon nanotube (CNT) solutions for a variety of applications. Current product formats include CNT sheets, yarns and tapes that can offer multi-functional advantages over incumbent materials. With good electrical performance and fatigue and chemical resistance, the relatively low density (0.5 to 0.8 g/cm3) of Nanocomp’s CNT materials enable lighter weight solutions for complex applications. Metrology is therefore very important both as a tool to confirm product performance as well as control manufacturing. Raman spectroscopy is a sensitive and versatile tool for probing the local environment of CNTs, and the experimental setup is amenable to handling a wide variety of samples, making it ideal for monitoring CNT material production.