DOMINO- Dispersion of Micro and Nanoparticles in Liquids- A Collaborative Project

G. Ozcan-Taskin
BHR Group, UK

Keywords: nanoparticles, nanoclay


The presentation will focus on an industrial consortium, DOMINO, investigating the -Incorporation of micro and nanoparticles and nanoclays into liquids -Deagglomerationsize reduction of nanoparticle clusters in liquids -Delamination of nanoclays -Pickering emulsions containing nanomaterials -Dispersion rheology DOMINO is a rolling project run by BHR Group and supported by a consortium of industrial members and the overall objective is to overcome technical barriers to bring to market new products that contain nano and micro particles in their formulation. To achieve this, the project aims to develop process design procedures based on the findings from the physical and numerical experimental programmes. Selected findings from the project will be presented, which will be related to a range of process equipment including in-line rotor stators with different designs used for both incorporation and break up, ultrasonicator, microfluidizer and stirred bead mills. Some case studies will be shown on the effect of equipment choice, importance of evolving dispersion rheology during processing and process optimisation.